The Shore

QUICK! Top 5 reality tv shows

  1. Jersey Shore (RIP)
  2. Vancouver House Wives
  3. Basketball Wives
  4. Keeping up with the Kardashians
  5. Real World

What is it about watching other people humiliate themselves and acting ridiculous? Why do we fall in love with these characters, despite being absolute retards? It’s not like we would be associated with them in real life… Well maybe Deena, but that’s self-explanatory.


Que Geordie Shore. The European version of JS, and it puts the OG shore to burning shame.

The 5th season just wrapped up and it still hasn’t gotten old. Sometimes they are hard to understand because of the accents and all, but fuck they are funny. Every character is tolerable, if not charming/insane in their own special way. There are no Sammies and Mikes of the group.

tumblr_miim0suCoc1rogr19o1_500I’m willing to go out on a limb here; Charlotte is probably the best girl to grace reality television ever. She’s an absolute moron, but a hilarious one at that. Her one-liners are off the charts.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s more than worth checking it out. Prepare for the best to come; the current season is the best one yet.

BONUS: you get to brush up on your UK slang. From now on, if you ever feel the need to call some one a cock head, just switch it to bell-end. Bloody Belland.

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