Strapping Good Time

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I’ve wanted strappy shoes for too long it seems like. Originally I was thinking royal blue silver, but then decided to go with a classic black and white colour scheme. I was so close to ordering these Tryst pumps from Nasty Gal because they are perfect..

Tryst pump

But waiting was suddenly not an option, my birthday money was hot in my hands and I had to do something about it. I decided to go with the patterned beauties from Zara. Although extremely bad-ass, you may notice my toes sticking out with band-aids wrapped around.. Thats because the top strap rubs my fat little toes.

No bother, its absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Top shop jeans (My boyfriends hand me downs), Zara shoes (duh), white t-shirt, Zara bag and H&M jacket.

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