Easy Tiger

IMG_0182IMG_0187IMG_0177IMG_0196In total, I have three tattoos. One when I was 18, one when I was partying along Granville on a casual Wednesday night, and the most recent a birthday present from my beau.

First sitting was the outline and it was on my actual birthday, naturally I was wasted. The tattoo didn’t even hurt one bit. In fact, I thought the needle didn’t have shit on me and was convinced pain was my bitch.

A couple weeks later I got the colour while sober… OH. MY. GOD. I am never, ever getting a tattoo without some sort of substance running through my veins ever again. I completely lost my shit.

After my traumatizing experience we hit up Meat & Bread, the porchetta was great but all the hype over the sandwich shop was a little bit of a let down. Delicious non the less.. Just a bit over played. And of course, dirty asian aloe drank to accompany.

Big thanks to Lino and his amazing girlfriend Jodie at Dharma studios. You guys rock.

Im wearing guy’s Topshop jeans (no surprise), TNA backpack, H&M sunnies, Topshop kicks, and as for T-shirt; and old as fuck basic white-t with the arms cut off by yours truly with a Wilfred bralette to sex it up a tad.

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