Sunshine & Sangria

IMG_0224IMG_0249IMG_0272IMG_0268I love me some sangria. Nothing says summer like a wine beverage packed with fruit.

My love is so strong I go to lengths to search out restaurants that offer pitchers around the city, for the record my vote goes to Falconettis on commercial. They offer both red and white variations with a generous amount of fresh fruit and its absolutely delicious.

I like making my own too, mainly because I get to add vodka, but sometimes store bought stuff is the easiest option.  When you are out and about and engaging in a little public alcohol consumption, sangria options are limited.

Cue Boones. Anyone who says they don’t like Boones is lying. Cheap, doesn’t taste like booze, and it gets you buzzed. This bottle of sangria is $5 bucks give or take. The taste is surprising for the price, and the only thing that’s really missing is the fruit.

Next time I’ll just grab a prepared fruit cup to make it legit.

T. Babaton skirt, Brandy Melville top, UO flats

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