I Love Ugly



Why yes! there is a penis on my shirt.. First off, thanks for noticing.

My blog really should be called “How to wear boyfriend jeans every day of your life.” I’ve been rocking them religiously for the last 2 years now and they are my main hit. Me and my boyfriend are the same size pants so the possibilities are endless.

I just love boys clothes I guess. Comfy, cool and as long as the silhouette is right; pretty sexy too. This sweater is one of my favs to ‘borrow’ aka steal.  I’ll admit I don’t own anything by Alternative Apparel personally.. but that will change soon. [Amazing company, upcoming post]

Maybe we should talk about the 5 panel? This hat has been my go-to for the last couple months and seems to kick-up every outfit. Its the best hat I’ve ever owned.. It’s got fucking butterflies and fruit on it.

With so many great 5 panels out there it’s easy to fall in love. I have a 2 tone one.. but I can’t help but want another pattern. Backwards, forwards and to the side. This “I Love Ugly” was picked up on Main at Board of Trade. Awesome store, awesome merch and awesome owner. We ended up talking to her for almost an hour.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Ugly

  1. Brandie says:

    You COULD be a model! Love your spunkiness!

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