Skirt, Tank, Sweater

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Layers! Neutrals! Clark Park! Yay!

It finally feels like summer and to celebrate I gave my legs the best shave they’ve had in months. Naturally, this called for a skirt. This comfortable little number was scooped up from a clothing exchange a couple months ago  (Thanks Sophia!) and has already been put to good use.

My outfits tend to be slightly bi-polar day-to-day spanning from hobo-chic, to rockstar to full on prep and everywhere in between. But thats the beauty of getting dressed! Every day you get to show the world how you feel.

Today I was rockin my trusty Seychelles, a purse a dear friend brought back from Italy, a heathered  Zara racerback underneath a very old T. Babaton sweater. The sweater is a woven silk knit and honestly one of the most high-maintenance articles of clothing that I own, it snags like no-ones business. Thankfully with careful pulling and tugging the warp always goes back into place so it’s not too big of  a deal. Wooooooorth it – the hang is always perfect so I’m willing to put up with any downfalls.

I almost got into a fight with two homeless bums this day, they were fucking with my shit. Lucky bastards, they obviously don’t understand the magnitude of my mighty fists.

Totally kidding, I ran away like the pussy that I am. But I did unlease a little bit of vulgar backlash on his assthough.. No need to worry..

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