Old Lady Blouse

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Oh Value Village, the bottomless pit of second hand inspiration. It’s surprising how much shit you walk out with when each item is under 10 bucks. Can you go wrong? Not really. Sometimes I buy an item so ugly that even I can’t make it work… but the price justifies the fact that I never end up wearing it.

I’m totally into patterned old lady blouses right now. Racks upon racks, it was hard to choose. I got 3 for $2-4 a pop. STEAL!

This one is an XL so I can wear an supa short dress underneath without feeling slutty. I can show as much leg as I like, as long as its got no shape on top I’m totes comfortable.

Thank god I didn’t fall into that fountain. One time, me and my best friends got lost in Stanley Park trying to find the aquarium; I don’t think I need to mention we were day drinking. After finding our way out of the park thanks to a friendly tourist, we spotted a fountain along West Georgia.

I was CONVINCED that I could jump from one platform to another with ease. Despite Sarahs doubts, I tried. I fell in. We went to a bar and drank more.

That’s pretty much the end of the story.

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