Fluff Ball

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Did you think I’m talking about my hair? well, you’re right.. but thats only part 1 of the pun. There is also a cat holding a boom box on my shirt.

Speaking of hair; you may have noticed that mine has changed. I could tell you an woeful story about how I went to a random hair dressers on a whim and they fucked up my most beloved feature. I could tell you about how I fantasized revenge against that hair-dressing-slut for 2 weeks and was forced to wear my hair up every day…  but whatever.. I’m fine now.

I fucking semi-fixed it myself with box dye and some light scissor work. For the past couple days I have been wearing it as a mane of tangled curls and fuzz which requires very little maintenance, but quite a variety of hair products. I use a tapered wand to do random pieces through-out quick time in the morning to add definition, mash in a bunch of product, and boom! Lion hair.

Lets all just take a minute to pay tribute to bumble & bumble: the best hair products in the world.

Top 3 fav [in order]:

  1. Texture
  2. Brilliantine
  3. Surf Spray

Message to the antagonist; I have a lot of hair, and it really does need to be thinned out with some sort of cutting technique. Also, maybe you should practice colour matching.

Cat shirt from forever 21 circa 2011, Zara black skinnies, Jeffrey Campbell boots, American Apparel bag, and one of my best friends Sarah’s coat. Best friends, same size? double closets. It’s just the rule.

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