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What we do.
We work. We learn the processing of the raw materials, the methods of processing and the techniques by watching the artists and farmers and give shape to a vision.
What was our principle?
Our principle: Midnight Over My Action. MOMA. We hurled ourselves into this adventure bearing these words in mind. There is a dividing line between tradition and new craftsmanship, just like the line that separates the old day from the new. Both comply with the same rules but are not equal. When we started the production of “the used and the dirty” we did not intend to start a trend. Our products were supposed to have a character that has lived a life, such as the wrinkles in the face of a person or the scars of an injury, which create each person’s individual history.
How do we introduce ourselves?
Just the way we are.
What would we like to see happen with this website?
We would be glad if it becomes a meeting place for ideas of any kind.

46407 13402 49407 13409 33405GLOVEM

Oooooh look at them. They are beautiful.

So many more options at

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Black, on Black, on Black.

alexander-wang-014-300x450 alexander-wang-005-300x450 alexander-wang-012-300x450 alexander-wang-013-300x450 alexander-wang-004-300x450 alexander-wang-011-300x450 alexander-wang-007-300x450


Biiiiiiiitch. Alex Wang straight from MFWP.

I love it all so much. Every single piece would look so good on me.

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With love from Bono

_AGA8664.450x675 _AGA8650.450x675 _AGA8769.450x675 _AGA8574.450x675 _AGA8732.450x675 _AGA8595.450x675 _AGA8808.450x675 _AGA8849.450x675 _AGA8787.450x675

AHHHH New York Fashion Week! How exciting!

Every night I get to sit and click through the shows that I know and love with a glass of wine and pure glee spread across my face. I’ve built a connection to these designers and brands, knowing somewhat to expect regardless if I check out a show for my personal preference or out of pure industry respect.

If time perceives, sometimes I go venturing off in a direction that normally wouldn’t suit my fancy.  Cue Edun, the biggest surprise to come out of 2013 NYFW this far.

Say, isn’t that bono’s wife’s ethically charged company?? Why yes, you just so happen to be right. And it just so happens to be dope… or at least starting from this point going forward.

Danielle Sherman, the lady who helped start up The Row and was design director at T by Alexander for the past 5 years, was given carte blanche to do whatever with the line. Success! I love the silhouettes, the colours and I’d kill so many pieces from the collection.

Nice move celebrity couple, nice move.

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The Dirty Jock

untitled-9211-518x776 untitled-9605-518x776 untitled-9249-518x776 untitled-0027-518x776 untitled-9957-518x776


I love this editorial from HUNGER  styled by Holly Ounstead and photographed by Alexander Jordan. The athletic ‘trend’ has hit the fashion world hard with girls everywhere mixing nike kicks with dresses and topped off baseball caps.

I love mixing worlds to create an interesting, harmonious outfit; but I hate to admit sportswear’s as a ‘trend’. In subcultures its always been cool to rock Nike, Pony and Adidas. I remember when I was 15 and really wanted to be a thug (obviously, nothing has changed), i bought brightly coloured special edition sneakers to match my fly adidas track suits. Hip Hop culture has always shown athletic wear love, and although the masses are running for their sneakers and back-packs we should at least acknowledge sportswear has always been cool.

One thing about taking influence from other cultures is adopting an item and putting a fresh twist on it. I am lovin this dirty-pretty-jock look. I think its the perfect balance of street-meets-fashion in a sexy hooligan kinda way.

Plus, sneakers are comfy as shit.


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French Connection F/W 13

I love the campaign video for Fall/Winter French Connection. So fun!

Video is the way of the future, or so says the authorities, and it certainly gives look books life. I love how they introduce the models by name on this one.

Good job French Connection

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West A.P.C.



So the capsule collection for A.P.C. has released, and this time Kanye stayed true to the street rather than play in the high fashion game. I’m a basics kinda girl, so I’m stoked on it. Especially that delicious short-sleeve hoodie.

Everywhere I look I’m finding dope shit about men’s wear. A.P.C.’s site crashed the first day and everything is sold out, but they are doing pre-order for the next batch.

The girls stuff is ridiculously cute as well. I love their website design, super simple and straightforward while still being interesting. Here is A.P.C.s Fall 2013 collection soon to be available in store.

LOOK-09-1 LOOK-10 LOOK-14 LOOK-17 LOOK-24 LOOK-07 LOOK-22 LOOK-21 LOOK-02

Oh the French. Chic sans effort..

Although this make-up really isn’t doing it for me. Less is more, especially when it comes to French birds.

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Louis Vuitton

LouisVuitton_004_1366.450x675 LouisVuitton_006_1366.450x675LouisVuitton_011_1366.450x675LouisVuitton_013_1366.450x675LouisVuitton_003_1366.450x675LouisVuitton_014_1366.450x675 LouisVuitton_019_1366.450x675 LouisVuitton_022_1366.450x675 LouisVuitton_023_1366.450x675

Louis Vuitton isn’t exactly a brand I connect with on a personal level, but Marc Jacobs killed resort this year. I could see myself wearing all of these. That white coat?!? fuuuuuck.

in 2014 Mr. Marc’s contract is up as creative director of Louis Vuitton, and it’s rumoured he is going to take him name and make a split from LVMH to go public. If I was worth a billion dollars I’d do exactly the same thing.


Come 2014 I’m expecting to see even more of the iconic designer, and as a fashion junkie I’m stoked.

Who will be next at Louis Vuitton? I haven’t known the brand without Marc.. According to fashionista Nicolas Ghesquiere is in serious negotiation. Hopefully he will feel more at home and free to spread his creative wings unlike those controlling mofo’s at Balenciaga.

Design critiques aside; both of these men are such fucking babes.


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