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Am I the only one who thinks this is just too much… The collection? The lighting? That one pose?

It’s almost as if Kate Moss collaborated with TOPSHOP to play a trick on the hungry consumers using her popularity as leverage. Inspired by her own closet sure; but its her closet. When am I ever going to wear such elaborate pieces? They look incredible on Kate… Because it’s her.

Last time I checked, I wasn’t invited to any over-the-top rockstar parties complete with paparazzi. I mean.. It’s almost impractical, really.I get that fringe is trendy, and when done right can totally work. But 2 ft long! That’s just excessive.

That black dress is sexy as fuck; but it’s so vivacious it’d probably only be suitable for night and it’s much too tight to get wasted in anyways. Same with the other maxi! It would take a highly skilled swag artist to be able to incorporate the PERFECT accessories to pull these off without looking like a try-hard.

I do have faith that the basic fillers within the collection will be wicked and totally easy to incorporate within one’s closet.

Betcha the price point is gonna be ludacris though.

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West A.P.C.



So the capsule collection for A.P.C. has released, and this time Kanye stayed true to the street rather than play in the high fashion game. I’m a basics kinda girl, so I’m stoked on it. Especially that delicious short-sleeve hoodie.

Everywhere I look I’m finding dope shit about men’s wear. A.P.C.’s site crashed the first day and everything is sold out, but they are doing pre-order for the next batch. http://www.apc.fr

The girls stuff is ridiculously cute as well. I love their website design, super simple and straightforward while still being interesting. Here is A.P.C.s Fall 2013 collection soon to be available in store.

LOOK-09-1 LOOK-10 LOOK-14 LOOK-17 LOOK-24 LOOK-07 LOOK-22 LOOK-21 LOOK-02

Oh the French. Chic sans effort..

Although this make-up really isn’t doing it for me. Less is more, especially when it comes to French birds.

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