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The Dirty Jock

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I love this editorial from HUNGER  styled by Holly Ounstead and photographed by Alexander Jordan. The athletic ‘trend’ has hit the fashion world hard with girls everywhere mixing nike kicks with dresses and topped off baseball caps.

I love mixing worlds to create an interesting, harmonious outfit; but I hate to admit sportswear’s as a ‘trend’. In subcultures its always been cool to rock Nike, Pony and Adidas. I remember when I was 15 and really wanted to be a thug (obviously, nothing has changed), i bought brightly coloured special edition sneakers to match my fly adidas track suits. Hip Hop culture has always shown athletic wear love, and although the masses are running for their sneakers and back-packs we should at least acknowledge sportswear has always been cool.

One thing about taking influence from other cultures is adopting an item and putting a fresh twist on it. I am lovin this dirty-pretty-jock look. I think its the perfect balance of street-meets-fashion in a sexy hooligan kinda way.

Plus, sneakers are comfy as shit.


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Fashion Socks

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Socks are dope. There is no pleasure that compares to a new pair hugging the arches of your feet. These aren’t new, or even mine, they are stolen from my boyfriends dresser, but that’s irrelevant. Out of all the companies producing ‘fashion’ socks now-a-days, INstance is my number one pick. I find they have more options in general and the designs are extremely versatile with sophisticated patterns that use colours in a optimal way. (Board of Trade on Main has lots)

I have been wearing these cut-offs literally all summer long. They are a $20 pair of men’s Topshop jeans that I hacked off in order to keep it cool. Sometime they bunch up and make me look like I have a dick, or a saggy ass, but I totally still dig it. As for the boots, they are my Isabel Marant look-a-likes from Zara. 

I picked up the sweater at H&M in San Francisco circa 2010, and it still gets regular exercise. It’s made from linen which gives it a great drape, especially when it’s tied around the waist. Throw on a white tank from Aritzia, add my trusty TNA backpack filled with gin n juice to play a little with pattern, and voila! ready for whatever adventures come my way.

Side note: I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I fucking love Vancouver.

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