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What we do.
We work. We learn the processing of the raw materials, the methods of processing and the techniques by watching the artists and farmers and give shape to a vision.
What was our principle?
Our principle: Midnight Over My Action. MOMA. We hurled ourselves into this adventure bearing these words in mind. There is a dividing line between tradition and new craftsmanship, just like the line that separates the old day from the new. Both comply with the same rules but are not equal. When we started the production of “the used and the dirty” we did not intend to start a trend. Our products were supposed to have a character that has lived a life, such as the wrinkles in the face of a person or the scars of an injury, which create each person’s individual history.
How do we introduce ourselves?
Just the way we are.
What would we like to see happen with this website?
We would be glad if it becomes a meeting place for ideas of any kind.

46407 13402 49407 13409 33405GLOVEM

Oooooh look at them. They are beautiful.

So many more options at http://www.gravitypope.com/shoes/womens/moma

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Style & Glory

Style & Glory

For my final portfolio I had to do a lot of photoshop. Along side the obligatory projects, I wanted to add visually stimulating pages with an over-all theme of expressionism and interpretation. I just took a bunch of elements from inspirational photos I have stolen from the internet over the years.

Don’t worry; there is a disclaimer. I don’t own any of the images, I just mashed them together.

side note: Damn I really need photoshop back.

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Roaring Fun

IMG_1454 IMG_1424 IMG_1475  IMG_1414 IMG_1419IMG_1466

I went to my old work today to kick it with my homie Jerry. He is incredible at thrifting and always pays homage to 90’s-hip-hop with his kits. Polo all day, every day. I’ve never seen him wear the same thing twice.

Since he is just the best, he hooks me up with maaaaaad swag; I’m talking duffles bags full of awesome shit. An adventure for another day though; Today we got drunk at the bar for old time’s sake, and to celebrate what I like to call Turnt Up Tuesdays. Matis, our sexy argentinian friend joined us as well. We had a wonderful time playing in the cherry blossoms while smoking a joint and getting casually day drunk.

Since I’m rollin solo, I don’t have anyone to take my picture on the regular anymore which is totally a nuisance. I offered a $4 beer, they offered their photography skills.

I’m wearing an Aritzia La Notte Tee, H&M pants & belt, old-ass booties from Le Chateau (?!), BCBG bag, and a jacket I got in Scotland for 22 Pounds.


I have such wonderful friends. Let’s Celebrate! Any day of the week works for me..

  • Might-as-well Mondays
  • Turnt-up Tuesdays
  • Why-not Wednesday
  • Thirsty Thursdays
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday Funday





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Aviators & Cardigans

IMG_1362 IMG_1379 IMG_1382 IMG_1375 IMG_1397

I ordered these jeans from Shop Bop while working as receptionist at an office in Calgary. I really stepped up my online shopping game at that job.. well kinda. These bad boys from Current/Elliot are 2 sizes too big, but I’ve tried to work that as a draping advantage. Optimal for penis-silhoutte envy.

Hurray! It’s 2014’s first time seeing sandals. I got these beauties from forever 21 for like $11 bucks if you can believe it. They makes tying together neutrals a breeze, so simple. So strappy.

Hurley purse, cut-off no-name tee, H&M glasses, and an Armani Exchange sweater my mum got me for $40. She just loves me that much.

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Vogue Reality Edition

Alright Kanye West.. I’ve had enough. I’ve stuck by through thick and thin remaining a loyal Yeezy fan… No matter how egotistical, how elaborate, or how entitled; I stuck by you. You are one of my profile pics.

Fuck It.

You’ve embaressed me to a point where I’m let down on a personal level. Someone who I use to rep SO hard has completely lost my respect. I’m not one to keep up with celebrity hoo-haw, I prefer to judge a celebrity based on accomplishments and a personal evaluation of ‘it’ rather than social common opinion. Everything single thing I’ve heard within the last 3 months regarding any matter to do with KW has been completely bonkers. I thought they were already married?!

He has become douchey to the point where I can’t even justify. I’ve always been able to fall back on production skills, lyrical genius or straight swag. Now, I look straight silly defending him.

I’m over it. It’s all downhill from here.

Regardless, the family looks beautiful in Vogue.




Plus, I’m always down when it comes to weddings. Mine will include top shelf alcohol, a 10-minute reception, and an elaborate array of appetizers. No planned seating. It’s all  about that reception.

The only factor I am not gonna skimp on (other than booze) is the dress. Only once in my life will I be able to spend $5000-$8000 on an article of clothing. Only once in my life will I be able to obtain haute couture… So fuck you future husband, it’s happening.

Side note: Funny how Anna acted like she would never endorse the KK. Cover/spread in Vogue? Wedding Edicht? Hilarious.

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With love from Bono

_AGA8664.450x675 _AGA8650.450x675 _AGA8769.450x675 _AGA8574.450x675 _AGA8732.450x675 _AGA8595.450x675 _AGA8808.450x675 _AGA8849.450x675 _AGA8787.450x675

AHHHH New York Fashion Week! How exciting!

Every night I get to sit and click through the shows that I know and love with a glass of wine and pure glee spread across my face. I’ve built a connection to these designers and brands, knowing somewhat to expect regardless if I check out a show for my personal preference or out of pure industry respect.

If time perceives, sometimes I go venturing off in a direction that normally wouldn’t suit my fancy.  Cue Edun, the biggest surprise to come out of 2013 NYFW this far.

Say, isn’t that bono’s wife’s ethically charged company?? Why yes, you just so happen to be right. And it just so happens to be dope… or at least starting from this point going forward.

Danielle Sherman, the lady who helped start up The Row and was design director at T by Alexander for the past 5 years, was given carte blanche to do whatever with the line. Success! I love the silhouettes, the colours and I’d kill so many pieces from the collection.

Nice move celebrity couple, nice move.

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Fluff Ball

2013-08-16 06.37.14 2013-08-16 06.40.082013-08-16 05.19.32 2013-08-16 06.40.44

Did you think I’m talking about my hair? well, you’re right.. but thats only part 1 of the pun. There is also a cat holding a boom box on my shirt.

Speaking of hair; you may have noticed that mine has changed. I could tell you an woeful story about how I went to a random hair dressers on a whim and they fucked up my most beloved feature. I could tell you about how I fantasized revenge against that hair-dressing-slut for 2 weeks and was forced to wear my hair up every day…  but whatever.. I’m fine now.

I fucking semi-fixed it myself with box dye and some light scissor work. For the past couple days I have been wearing it as a mane of tangled curls and fuzz which requires very little maintenance, but quite a variety of hair products. I use a tapered wand to do random pieces through-out quick time in the morning to add definition, mash in a bunch of product, and boom! Lion hair.

Lets all just take a minute to pay tribute to bumble & bumble: the best hair products in the world.

Top 3 fav [in order]:

  1. Texture
  2. Brilliantine
  3. Surf Spray

Message to the antagonist; I have a lot of hair, and it really does need to be thinned out with some sort of cutting technique. Also, maybe you should practice colour matching.

Cat shirt from forever 21 circa 2011, Zara black skinnies, Jeffrey Campbell boots, American Apparel bag, and one of my best friends Sarah’s coat. Best friends, same size? double closets. It’s just the rule.

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