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Fluff Ball

2013-08-16 06.37.14 2013-08-16 06.40.082013-08-16 05.19.32 2013-08-16 06.40.44

Did you think I’m talking about my hair? well, you’re right.. but thats only part 1 of the pun. There is also a cat holding a boom box on my shirt.

Speaking of hair; you may have noticed that mine has changed. I could tell you an woeful story about how I went to a random hair dressers on a whim and they fucked up my most beloved feature. I could tell you about how I fantasized revenge against that hair-dressing-slut for 2 weeks and was forced to wear my hair up every day…  but whatever.. I’m fine now.

I fucking semi-fixed it myself with box dye and some light scissor work. For the past couple days I have been wearing it as a mane of tangled curls and fuzz which requires very little maintenance, but quite a variety of hair products. I use a tapered wand to do random pieces through-out quick time in the morning to add definition, mash in a bunch of product, and boom! Lion hair.

Lets all just take a minute to pay tribute to bumble & bumble: the best hair products in the world.

Top 3 fav [in order]:

  1. Texture
  2. Brilliantine
  3. Surf Spray

Message to the antagonist; I have a lot of hair, and it really does need to be thinned out with some sort of cutting technique. Also, maybe you should practice colour matching.

Cat shirt from forever 21 circa 2011, Zara black skinnies, Jeffrey Campbell boots, American Apparel bag, and one of my best friends Sarah’s coat. Best friends, same size? double closets. It’s just the rule.

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Fashion Socks

IMG_0740 IMG_0725 IMG_0719 IMG_0791 IMG_0777

Socks are dope. There is no pleasure that compares to a new pair hugging the arches of your feet. These aren’t new, or even mine, they are stolen from my boyfriends dresser, but that’s irrelevant. Out of all the companies producing ‘fashion’ socks now-a-days, INstance is my number one pick. I find they have more options in general and the designs are extremely versatile with sophisticated patterns that use colours in a optimal way. (Board of Trade on Main has lots)

I have been wearing these cut-offs literally all summer long. They are a $20 pair of men’s Topshop jeans that I hacked off in order to keep it cool. Sometime they bunch up and make me look like I have a dick, or a saggy ass, but I totally still dig it. As for the boots, they are my Isabel Marant look-a-likes from Zara. 

I picked up the sweater at H&M in San Francisco circa 2010, and it still gets regular exercise. It’s made from linen which gives it a great drape, especially when it’s tied around the waist. Throw on a white tank from Aritzia, add my trusty TNA backpack filled with gin n juice to play a little with pattern, and voila! ready for whatever adventures come my way.

Side note: I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I fucking love Vancouver.

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Old Lady Blouse

IMG_0660 IMG_0666 IMG_0681 IMG_0685 IMG_0695

Oh Value Village, the bottomless pit of second hand inspiration. It’s surprising how much shit you walk out with when each item is under 10 bucks. Can you go wrong? Not really. Sometimes I buy an item so ugly that even I can’t make it work… but the price justifies the fact that I never end up wearing it.

I’m totally into patterned old lady blouses right now. Racks upon racks, it was hard to choose. I got 3 for $2-4 a pop. STEAL!

This one is an XL so I can wear an supa short dress underneath without feeling slutty. I can show as much leg as I like, as long as its got no shape on top I’m totes comfortable.

Thank god I didn’t fall into that fountain. One time, me and my best friends got lost in Stanley Park trying to find the aquarium; I don’t think I need to mention we were day drinking. After finding our way out of the park thanks to a friendly tourist, we spotted a fountain along West Georgia.

I was CONVINCED that I could jump from one platform to another with ease. Despite Sarahs doubts, I tried. I fell in. We went to a bar and drank more.

That’s pretty much the end of the story.

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Skirt, Tank, Sweater

IMG_0480Untitled-3 IMG_0452 IMG_0442 IMG_0434

Layers! Neutrals! Clark Park! Yay!

It finally feels like summer and to celebrate I gave my legs the best shave they’ve had in months. Naturally, this called for a skirt. This comfortable little number was scooped up from a clothing exchange a couple months ago  (Thanks Sophia!) and has already been put to good use.

My outfits tend to be slightly bi-polar day-to-day spanning from hobo-chic, to rockstar to full on prep and everywhere in between. But thats the beauty of getting dressed! Every day you get to show the world how you feel.

Today I was rockin my trusty Seychelles, a purse a dear friend brought back from Italy, a heathered  Zara racerback underneath a very old T. Babaton sweater. The sweater is a woven silk knit and honestly one of the most high-maintenance articles of clothing that I own, it snags like no-ones business. Thankfully with careful pulling and tugging the warp always goes back into place so it’s not too big of  a deal. Wooooooorth it – the hang is always perfect so I’m willing to put up with any downfalls.

I almost got into a fight with two homeless bums this day, they were fucking with my shit. Lucky bastards, they obviously don’t understand the magnitude of my mighty fists.

Totally kidding, I ran away like the pussy that I am. But I did unlease a little bit of vulgar backlash on his assthough.. No need to worry..

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Strapping Good Time

2013-05-15 23.10.46 2013-05-15 06.19.072013-05-15 06.19.10 2013-05-15 06.18.51 2013-05-15 06.19.31

I’ve wanted strappy shoes for too long it seems like. Originally I was thinking royal blue silver, but then decided to go with a classic black and white colour scheme. I was so close to ordering these Tryst pumps from Nasty Gal because they are perfect..

Tryst pump

But waiting was suddenly not an option, my birthday money was hot in my hands and I had to do something about it. I decided to go with the patterned beauties from Zara. Although extremely bad-ass, you may notice my toes sticking out with band-aids wrapped around.. Thats because the top strap rubs my fat little toes.

No bother, its absolutely worth it in my opinion.

Top shop jeans (My boyfriends hand me downs), Zara shoes (duh), white t-shirt, Zara bag and H&M jacket.

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