I got that flow

loooooove it


Middle of things

This is exactly what it’s all about..

I can’t wait to give love a real try. For now, I’m fine listening to music that makes me feel in love. The real thing is much too heavy for a mid-twenty-something of my stature.

Story of my life.

There are few things I know better than ladies, fashion and that sweet, sweet loud.

Have you seen how many hot girlfriends I have?

I wish I was a ballerina

I am so stoked for the Saint Laurent re-brand. Hedi Slimane is a genius, straight up.

He’s all about starting a new ‘dialogue’ among the youth within fashion. In the first video for Saint Laurent, Hedi showcases his new classically designed ballerina flat. Mixing it with leather and flannel is refreshing, and unlike anything we have ever seen from a fashion house.

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Fuuuuck You

These shoes cost $1000.. what were you thinking?

YG has been working with Jeezy for a while, but was officially signed to CTE World in June.


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Face Down

Damn gangsta rap is so sexy.

Meek Millz is legit, he is signed with Mayback Music though and I hate Rick Ross. Rick Ross is a fucking bitch.

Upcoming feature article explaining the top reasons why.

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French Connection F/W 13

I love the campaign video for Fall/Winter French Connection. So fun!

Video is the way of the future, or so says the authorities, and it certainly gives look books life. I love how they introduce the models by name on this one.

Good job French Connection

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